Suzanne Clark


4 Weeks 10lbs Down

All Suzanne needed was a clear plan and some motivation along the way to help her stick with the changes and her food choices. Over all in the duration of 4 weeks my total weight loss is 10lbs and I am excited.

Well what can I say about this plan! I was stuck at the same weight for quiet a while.. kept seeing the results of this plan and thought I'd give it a go, Ben rang me and we sorted a plan out, 3 meals a day evening meal being my favourite time! and I managed to stick to it very well was even aloud a 150 calorie snack a day with it!

I thought to myself this is a lot more than I was eating 😳 anyway I followed through and the weight came of nicely, I’ve been doing either a long walk or gym every day to go with it, I’d like to say a big thank you to Maximus for all the support, πŸ’― recommend to anyone stuck with what to do 😁 now if feel confident to go the last few pounds on my own.

Duration : 4 weeks
Total Weight Loss : 10lbs Down