Suzy Worbey


weight loss

We started the 11th may last year. Did the full process of walking to lifting and smashed it with food plan and pt. left for Spain middle of December so been online keeping her in shape. Did her best to injure herself with a broken rib and sore knee(and cheating on me with another class😀) so have been adjusting as our mobility and activity has been affected!
She’s done amazing on 1234 Foodplan! Back in UK soon where we will pick up where we left and will be in the shape of her life by the summer! If you want results, want to do the food plan the progress to PT and get in the shape you didn’t think was possible then drop me a message.
Update from  18th.March Diaries...
Last one tonight! Feel good post! It’s more than just a weight loss program! What people get from this plan makes me very proud to be a part of it with them! I don’t really look like this. It’s all about angles but a year ago I would have never taken a photo of myself. Thank you. For me it’s the fact I can look at my reflection in a window or mirror now whereas I avoided them before! Loads of weight lost! No fucks given now! It’s how she feels!