Taylor Sandra Fitzpatrick


4 Weeks - 8lbs Loss


Taylor signed up after seeing her mum Denise Fitzpatrick doing so well . She wanted to establish better eating habits. We set out her plan and got her walking with her mum and added in some workouts when un closed, to keep her activity up. 4 weeks and she’s loving the changes from getting her food right. I joined the Maximus 1234 FoodPlan to find a better connection with food and how to fit in with my lifestyle whilst being a performer at university. I used to skip breakfast, drink hardly any water and expect my body to get through an entire day of dance- which did me no favours! Now, I follow the plan Ben has given me, I eat the foods I love and have found so much more confidence within myself in just 4 weeks! I can’t recommend the Maximus 1234 FoodPlan enough! Thankyou so much!

Duration: 4 weeks Weight Loss: 8lbs loss