Tracey Miller


52 Weeks 98lbs weight loss

"It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop".
Long weekend off, feeling fabulous!
Weightloss is hard, I failed on many attempts always doing the wrong thing again and again but now I have developed a good relationship with food, I use it to power my workouts instead of fuel my emotions.
Feels so good to be a healthy weight.
Thank you to everyone that has pushed me over the last year.
Especially Ben with the Maximus 1,2,3,4 Food Plan.
Weight Loss –98lbs stone down
Duration – 52 weeks

40 Weeks 6 stone weight loss

No words needed but Traceys here!
Thank you Ben for starting me on the 1234 plan, you really have corrected 20 years of bad eating, not there yet but closer than I was 10 months ago when I came to you for help, amazing isn't it, so many years I spent dieting the wrong way, and your plan has finally cracked it!
Nearly 6 stone loss!
Weight Loss –6 stone down
Duration – 40 weeks