Vaughan Cartwright


Weight Loss

Fortunate to work with cuddle club members

Lost bundles of weight a while back on plan and just sent me this to let me know he’s still smashing it! Introduced to me by my mate Iain McCaig who runs a very cool boot camp called cuddle club to which I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with a few of his members with great success! Good times! Maximus Jim Frimley
Hey you all..!! Just got wanted to get a few things sorted out. First - A huge thanks Lorraine and Iain for helping me out and getting me in touch with Ben. Ben - I know I'm probably one of your worst students but trust me the 1234 Plan is awesome! I stuck to it properly to start with and have generally kept to it but most of all I am no longer craving food or eating as much crap! Certainly plan to join Iain at some PT sessions as well. To prove it works, I've managed to squeeze back into my 2001 F1 Race Team suit which up unit now was hanging as a memento only. Thanks again you lot!! Will keep focused for sure!