Vicky Finch


8 Weeks 14lbs weight loss

vicky finch

It can be difficult not to compare yourself to others but when you learn to focus on yourself and be proud of your results you’ll gain confidence.
Vicky has hit the 1 stone mark today and you can see what a difference it has made in these pictures.
So, 8 weeks done and I’m finally a stone down. I’m still finding the Maximus 1234 food plan so easy. My meals are getting more adventurous by the day, I’m rarely hungry and people are starting to notice my weight loss and compliment me. Sometimes I see other people’s amazing results and worry that I’m not doing so well or so quickly but this is my journey, no one else’s and I’m determined to reach my goal! Eating less and moving more really does work! 😊
Weight Loss –14lbs down
Duration –8weeks

4 Weeks 9lbs weight loss

Wedding next year and was looking for a sustainable plan to follow 😀
We haven’t completed the first 4 weeks yet but Vicky is already loving the results
I started the Maximus 1234 Food Plan 3.5 weeks ago after losing a lot on Slimming World, piling it all back on (and more) over Lockdown and then trying to calorie count but finding it so hard! After months of my boyfriend showing me Maximus success stories I finally decided to sign up. It’s so easy. I know exactly what to eat and when, I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat, I wouldn’t even say I’ve been noticeably hungry and I’m enjoying my walks. 9lbs down so far and have just signed up for another 4 weeks. I get married in exactly a year and this plan has 
been my lifesaver!! Onwards and upwards! 😊
Weight Loss –9lbs down
Duration –4weeks