weight loss

31 Weeks - 80lbs Loss

On the 27th of December 2019 I sat down with Ben in his office a very broken man. I had just been diagnosed as having pre-diabetes. Just days before I sat sobbing on the edge of my bed, unable to button up my 50-inch waist suit trousers to go to work. I was always in good shape in my youth. I wasn’t a big kid, I wasn’t ‘big boned’ as some say. This all started for me being a part of the statistics of kids who were abused in their childhood by somebody outside their family. For me that meant when my amazing daughters were born, I told myself I needed to be big to protect them. That’s just what I did, 10 stone went on over 5 years and it stayed that way for about another 10 years, putting me at 28 and a half stone (402 lbs). Being 28 stone had many downsides. If I dropped some change in a shop, I’d just leave it because it was too embarrassing to try drop to one knee, wobbling, to try pick it up. Having to say maybe next time when the family was going on bike rides or long walks. If I did go with them, I would hate the struggle.

Tried everything from carb counting to juice program...

Every time I went to a party and there was food, I’d hear “ooh better get in before him, he’ll have it all”. Random strangers passing judgment out loud, kids saying look at that fat man. I’ve always been the guy to help others without hesitation. I know its not right being huge, the biggest guy in any room. I’ve tried every diet, juice program, supplement, carb counting, metabolism boosters, hunger suppressants. The list goes on, everything works for a week or two but it’s not sustainable long term. I always put it down to not being ready yet, it’s not my time. I hadn’t come to terms with my inner child feeling weak. With some deep soul searching and long talks with my lovely wife Kelly we decided this was my time to become the best me I could be for myself, my girls and for her. They are my absolute everything and I know I would and will do anything for them. It turns out joining the Maximus Gym family and the 1234 FoodPlan was just the tools and support to start that journey. Ben has been nothing but amazing through this, listening to my ups and down, he is so understanding.

DAY 217

I feel invincible, strong, empowered, I’m loving the daily walks with my girls, we have always been close, but this is just incredible. My wife is my rock, 19 years together this year and I owe her the world. Today is day 217, I’ve lost 80lbs so far, my wife is down 40lbs. Finishing this with a tear in my eye, not through sadness but through pure pride...!!