William Cantlon


Start weight 82.1 after 8 weeks 75.2

HIIT workouts

Chronic Pulmonary Sarcoidosis
William has a under 60% lung function so walking was definitely the way to do this! Also important to still enjoy meals with family and it’s worked very well !
Please read :
“Good Morning Ben, I hope you're well. Start weight 82.1 after 8 weeks 75.2
This plan has been great for me. I'm well chuffed with the results so far and it has literally been a walk in the park. Guided sensible food choices and a polite nudge in the right direction if you need it. I've still enjoyed eating the foods I like and had family meals without the kids saying 'poor ol' Daddy' hahaha! I have a lung function of under 60% so the walking has allowed me to stay consistent without burning out or not being able to function after a session. My energy and mood is up and as a family on the whole we are all making better food choices. Good on you Ben, you've made it easy and for everyone.”
Duration: 8 weeks
Weight Loss: 8kg loss !!!

4 Weeks 11lbs Down

Here’s another client that was doing HIIT workouts and finding them exhausting. We stripped it back to basics and he’s already feeling the benefit of how much easier it is to get results this way.
Yeah, I am so surprised with the change. I have worked a lot harder on other plans for the same results.
The 1234 food plan is definitely a success, you just need to make the right choices and be consistent. So good on you and thank you.
Yeah feel really good, so happy with the progress. Before I had to work so hard and feel like I would pass out doing HIIT workouts with my lungs. Also I don't feel my diet is so restricted.