Yvette Laister


weight loss

7 Weeks - 12.5lbs Down

This one has been slightly different . Yvette signed up on plan and after a week she had to take a break . We had a chat over Face-time about what was going on and decided to continue. She was barely eating at all during that week and was in quite a bad place, so we used the plan to make sure she was getting meals in and had me to answer to if she wasn’t 👊🏼 It was important that she was eating the right things as she has PoTS . So we are now week 7 including her week off and she is in a much better place and off enjoying a holiday with her children . Can’t always control what’s going on in life but we can control how we react to it and Yvette has smashed this 💪🏼
‘Being accountable massively helped me through some dark days. I help others be accountable to me all the time through work but it’s different when it’s yourself! What I would say is whilst yes I’ve dropped weight, the biggest thing for me was learning to be able to eat going through an emotional roller-coaster!!! Being able to even stomach water at times was hard but it was so important due to my Pots condition to eat the right things in balance to get my heart rate back in control . Probably haven’t had to be such a crutch before to help someone actually eat! But you have been and I am totally grateful as my condition is definitely not flaring as much and I’m eating!!! Winner!!!’ 😀❤️👊🏼🌎🏋🏼‍♂️