Zoe Bilton


12 Weeks 38lbs weight loss

When you’re really ready to make the change to your lifestyle nothing will get in your way!!
Zoe had thought about signing up for a while and eventually got started. 12 weeks in and her confidence has grown more and more every week. Her relationship with food is completely different and she is loving being more active. Signing over to the app and looking into starting some PT sessions at the gym !! Amazing result , well done Zoe 😀💪🏼
‘Morning Ben, Im signing off and am wanting to thank yourself and team as you have given me purpose with all your support, Advice, chats..I have absolutely loved the journey so far so bring on the M+app.
Honestly this is so much bigger than just a food plan as its real foods that you enjoy including coffee ☕ with real people encouraging you along the way.
Now bring on the next chapter and thankyou 🙏 again its been a blast! When the pub reopens drinks are on me for you and team. 💪 x’
Duration : 12 weeks
Total Weight Loss : 38lbs Down

4 Weeks 12lbs Loss

Struggled to stick to weight loss plans before ? So has Zoe but she’s completely transformed her approach and it’s showing on the scales and in how she is feeling.
Don’t let previous attempts put you off trying again. Chances are you have tried in ways that don’t suit you.
I started the 1,2,3,4 plan at beginning of February. As I needed something else to focus on in lockdown and I was just eating my way through each day, so I knew I had to do something.
This Plan with Ben has been a life changer, Had a virtual chat and off I went as I knew I was ready for this.
Well the 1234 FoodPlan has been great and I’m actually enjoying it so much. My energy levels are through the roof and the plan is so easy to follow with Ben being there for me 24/7 if needed.
Would highly recommend this to everyone and I'm in for the long road as I feel amazing.
Duration : 4 weeks
Total Weight Loss : 12lbs Down