Zoe Nelson and Kelsi


2stone 7lbs Weight loss

eating habits

I posted the work I’ve been doing with Kelsi a while back. Quite a sensitive subject and in my opinion quite rightly so. Zoe came to me after the hospital attempts at an eating plan for Kelsi led her to over eating and anxiety at meal times trying to get foods she didn’t like what was advised into her dinners. They were also wanting to weigh her once a week causing further anxiety.
After sitting down we had a fun chat about food and discussed getting Kelsi up and about moving. She’s had so much success and enjoys daily activity with mum and dad!
We started 13th September and Kelsi started at 52.7kg
Last weighing she was 47.7kg with no more need to weigh her from now on. We weighed her once a month during this process.
In the mean time zoe was dropping weight through changing her activities and food. Finally signing up 5 weeks ago to dial it in a bit. Zoe has lost 2stone 7lbsand her body fat has dropped 10%!
I’m so proud of this as instead of meal times being stressful they are enjoyed after a walk together. Learning how to eat for them! Both fussy buggers too!!
Seeing kelsi from our first meeting to now is so cool! Sends me vids of her having fun and having a moan up the hills!!! Good times!

Kesli. target achieved!

Zoe. 2stone 7lbs.