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NOT TO WEIGH EVERYDAY… WHY? II Health & Fitness II 1234 Food Plan

Please, please don’t weigh yourself every day! It will make us all miserable!! In this video, Ben is talking about the weighing issue which is generic. People often weigh themselves very frequently to check their progress report and then they get disappointed for not or losing less weight. So, this video is going to explain you why regular and instant weigh is of no use…

30 minutes Home Workout with Ben Rickwood – Exercise & Physical Fitness

Going to gym is time consuming and what if, you will get full body workout routine at home. Life isn’t easy when you’re busy. But Due to COVID’19 we all have time to spent on ourselves. Ben Rickwood, the owner of Maximus1234_FoodPlan has recorded some easy home workout to boost your metabolism and energy level. So, to make your day productive practice these home workout sessions for 10 to 15 mins daily.

Please! Please let me help you! I’m bringing common sense back!!!

Hi, Myself Ben Rickwood, I have been a Personal Trainer for the past 25 years. In that time I have seen every method of weight loss from starvation diets, carbless diets and the good old shake diets. Through tried and tested means with myself and my clients I have found that a lot of the plans out there in today’s age are unsustainable and unrealistic for someone with a busy lifestyle and a family. The age of Instagram has brought us the extreme and I would like to offer an alternative approach that is based on countless results with my clients and just common sense. This approach is based on portion control, light exercise, easy to follow meal plans and no guilt attached to having something that you like. Following up bad decisions with good decisions and not writing off days or weeks helps you take control over what is real life…..Some days just don’t go to plan! Regular check ins, accountability and the wealth of experience on hand can and will be the difference to you achieving the goals that seem way out of reach. Since starting the plan I have helped hundreds all round the world and I get as much of a buzz from their results as they do, or you will! Eat the foods you like, understand portions and don’t become a food martyr are just some of the principles of this plan.

Don’t worry even if you are quarantined – Join 1234 FoodPlan & develop some healthy habits

Start your day with Ben & Bella, as you can see she is having her breakfast. Learn the importance of having healthy food with 1234 FoodPlan. Join Maximus and let your food coach help you to curate your health food plan. 1234 FoodPlan is a full time online plan and you will get all your related details through our chat messenger only. Let me tell you, you will never ever get time like this, so utilize your precious hours by doing something productive everyday. Look after your health by joining 1234 FoodPlan do some exercises, cook healthy food for yourself and enjoy with your family. Stay Home, Stay Safe

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A quick chat session with Ben & Bella, make sure you catch the end 🙂 1234 FoodPlan is a full time online plan where your personal coach will guide you about your whole day/week plan over our chat messenger or through face time sessions. While we all are quarantine for a reason let’s take a pledge to utilize this time more productively for our own benefit. Learn something new everyday and each day. It’s a time given to us for our our development . Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Fit

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