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Book an E-Consultation to set up your 1234 FoodPlan

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A quick chat session with Ben & Bella, make sure you catch the end 🙂 1234 FoodPlan is a full time online plan where your personal coach will guide you about your whole day/week plan over our chat messenger or through face time sessions. While we all are quarantine for a reason let’s take a pledge to utilize this time more productively for our own benefit. Learn something new everyday and each day. It’s a time given to us for our our development . Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Fit

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What is being healthy? Balance man!

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What is being healthy? Balance man! Health, in reality, is far more than the combination of eating healthily and working out. Health is about wellness, the well-being of not just our outside body, but our inside body and our minds. Being healthy is about finding the connection between your body, mind and soul and one … Continue reading "What is being healthy? Balance man!"

Ben interviewing 1234 Members-Weight Loss Journey

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So this week on the 1234 plan Ben interviewed some of our members. He talked about their experience on the plan, how much weight they had lost & how much they had kept off. First up Tara Lee Next Ben did a question-answer round with Michael Mills. He comes to us after Dr appointment said … Continue reading "Ben interviewing 1234 Members-Weight Loss Journey"

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