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Wesley Bryan’s An Incredible story of Transformation – 1,2,3,4FoodPlan

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Well we all have a bit of time and could do with a smile. Here is the weight loss transformation journey of Wesley Bryan on the 1,2,3,4 food plan. His phenomenal efforts has been watched by so many people and your support has meant the world to him man! This plan is still running and can be done with home workouts and our precious one walk a day! And the best part is 12 weeks. 43lbs loss. To know more about it you can write to us at info@maximus1234.co.uk

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What is being healthy? Balance man!

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What is being healthy? Balance man! Health, in reality, is far more than the combination of eating healthily and working out. Health is about wellness, the well-being of not just our outside body, but our inside body and our minds. Being healthy is about finding the connection between your body, mind and soul and one … Continue reading "What is being healthy? Balance man!"

Ben interviewing 1234 Members-Weight Loss Journey

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So this week on the 1234 plan Ben interviewed some of our members. He talked about their experience on the plan, how much weight they had lost & how much they had kept off. First up Tara Lee Next Ben did a question-answer round with Michael Mills. He comes to us after Dr appointment said … Continue reading "Ben interviewing 1234 Members-Weight Loss Journey"

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